Passionfruit Cups

Doesn't summer just make you want to eat wonderful fruity things, it certainly does me. Winter is chocolate and summer is fruit in my world. I am absolutely loving this glorious weather we are having and love getting up early, prepping lots of foods and knowing they are in the fridge ready rather than have to do the prepping when it's really hot. Our digestions slow down in the hot weather and I find myself wanting smaller meals, more snack things. These passionfruit pots are simply the easiest and most delightful thing to make and have in your fridge. Try using any fruit but I do particularly love passion fruit in them. They are lovely natural little pots all completely plant based and vegan and sugar free. They are also gluten free too! How gorgeous do they look, they really couldn't be simpler to make and more pretty looking. Get the edible flowers and berries out and decorate to your summers heart content:)


1 Cup of fresh passionfruit.

1/2 Cup of thick tinned coconut milk  (if its seperated when you open the tine just put it in your blender till its thick and creamy)

Maple syrup if required.

2 Tablespoons of unflavoured melted coconut oil.


Blitz all the ingredients together in your blender till well combined, ideally leaving a few pieces of passinfruit still whole.

Taste and add maple syrup if necessary.

Pop into the fridge till set, usually about 30 minutes.

Serve topped with delicious berries.

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