Merry Berry Nice Cream

There's nothing like a beautiful English Summers day and a bowlful of delicious creamy Nice Cream made from fresh fruit. It's even better when you realise that not only is there no dairy or refined sugar in it, you don't need an ice cream maker either.....it just gets better. Add on to this that you picked your own berries & that's it, nothing tops it! I love having fun creating these beautifully simple, fun Nice Creams with whatever fruits I see that take my fancy. Anything thats plant based, vegan and 100% natural will always get my attention. Yes there are times when I feel like I could live on our delicious instant porridge. The only constant in them is frozen bananas. The bananas need to be 'on the turn' really ripe. Infact you can often pick them up cheaply from your greengrocers when they've just started to soften and blacken. Peel them, break them into about 4 pieces, pop them in a container and freeze. They are also great for making vegan milkshakes too! My perfect day starts with our wonderful 100% natural instant porridge and ends with a bowlful of Nice Cream. healthy food means healthy living means eating wonderful food like this...perfect!


Approx 3 or 4 frozen bananas ( Break them into pieces before freezing )

1 Cup of frozen berries

1/4 Cup thick tinned coconut milk


Put the frozen banana pieces & coconut milk into a food processor and blend till its smooth and creamy. This usually takes about 30 seconds or so depending on your food processor.

Add the berries and pulse till well combined. I like to leave a few berries still intact.

Put into a freezer container and pop back into the freezer for about 20 minutes to harden up before serving.

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